01. Missing You
02. Paradise
03. Gone
04. I Remember
05. Ringa Linga
Like the title says; GoodBye.

I have had so much fun running Superior sharing with all the other fans the dorkiness of my beloved Infinite. I'm sincerely glad that so many of you enjoyed the things I made, and shared the same love I have towards these boys.

I first started woo-suhan because I wanted to share to everyone on the internet the Infinite who were not perfect, charismatic and handsome like how they appeared on stage, I wanted to share to the world the adorable, innocent sides of the seven boys who grew into amazing idols. However as time went by my goals seemed to have drifted into the wrong path.

All I want to do is love them like I always have, I didn't want it to be about the followers about the notes about the popularity yet that side of tumblr overtook me.

Woo-SuHan is my sacred place... so I want to leave it untainted by my greed.

all in all thank you and sorry, I have given this a lot thought and this was the conclusion I have ended up with.

So Goodbye (':

I'm sure I'll feel sad but not regretful because I know certain sacrifices will need to be may for me to chase my goals.

let us continue to imagine and dream so the world will become what we want it to be...